Deano’s Dingo Services has been operating since February 2007. Based south of the river in Parkwood WA, Dean is prepared to travel and has worked as
far north as Yanchep, south to Harvey and east to Brigadoon.

The Dingo is an amazingly compact machine. Being only 1050mm wide, it fits through narrow openings, and without the cage of the bobcat, also fits under low carports.

With various attachments, the Dingo is suited to an array of tasks around the home including:

  • Stump grinding
  • Small tree removal
  • Grass and garden bed removal prior to garden makeovers
  • Preparation for new driveways
  • Levelling prior to shed or paving installation
  • Trenching for plumbing or electrical work
  • Spreading mulch
  • Lifting limestone bricks
  • Removal of fire hazards and installation of fire breaks

Don’t hire a Dingo and spend half a day working out how to use it! Contact Deano’s Dingo Services and get the job done in a fraction of the time without having to worry about picking up and returning the machine. This will give you more time to get on with the work to be done afterwards.

Dean has worked with a variety of contractors (good and bad!) and can either recommend or organise people to complete brick paving, landscaping, tree removal, stump grinding, skip bin hire, and soil delivery.

Deano’s Dingo Services is ideal for the completion of a range of commercial works, such as:

  • Shed pad preparation
  • Post hole digging for bollard installation and tree planting (including road islands)
  • Playground refreshes
  • Mulch work
  • Grass removal
  • Trenching
  • Poly-pipe laying
  • Levelling prior to paving or other work
  • Site cleanups